Ato Delaquis

Ato Delaqui was born in Cape Coast in Ghana and is a consumate and well known artist whose artistry spans over 5 decades.

He is an artisitic national treasure of Ghana and is a veteran of the modern art movement in Ghana as well as being a great teacher and Professor.

Although not so widely known in the UK Ato does have a world wide reputation where he is well known for his iconic paintings of horsemen as well as landscapes and more abstract work.

Ato’s work is rooted in his African context, vividly capturing the complex Ghanian and African landscape, layered with the history of trading, slavery and colonization, he is inspired by the rich and tragic history of the African continent, the clash between traditional and modern but
his starting point is always aesthetic and he insists that an artist must first establish themselves whith his or her local audience.

Tamkin Riaz Radio & TV Presenter, Entrepreneur, Property Investor, Gold Investor, Charity Worker, all round nice guy also has a talent for expressing himself through art and he has created some interesting pieces and also produced some great prints which show his love of the art world, feel free to browse and choose your favourites.