Rajesh Harsh

Rajesh’s idea of looking at sublime nature in delectable fantasy has resulted in magnificent images of its scanty remnants coming alive with a silent union of flourishing greenery. Through his vivid imagination, he has turned the sublime nature into architecture of beauty ending the environmental conflicts and infusing a romantic amalgamation of scientific thinking and artful execution of vibrant images on his canvases – what he terms as the impact of ‘science on art’ and ‘art on science’. However, neither of these two elements finds a heightened glorification in his majestic landscapes. The effect is mild and gentle in approach.

The mesmerizing rhythm of calculative wiry strokes builds up the animation on the surface that gives a silent momentum to the vibrant colours in different hues and tones. The angelic beauty of nature is returned gracefully with his meditative thoughts to the canvas with equal dignity that has a crispy, vibrating sensibility within that has a peaceful eloquence. Amidst the aggressive depth of colluding colours, Rajesh has maintained the serenity that only nature can give to mankind. Most of his works is inundated with a dense foreground with the delightful froth of gentle colours illuminating the skies overhead with a spiritual glow.

The intensity of colours in contrasting variations gives a wispy, feathery feel and the thickness of the pigment wafts through racy and soft strokes like the gentle wind; in every direction in a curvilinear, straight, or circular motion. This aspect has become his signature now, spanning more than three decades, and more than one hundred and fifty solo shows as well as group shows in India and abroad, however Rajesh’s works are a major shift than earlier works that were a mixture of landscape and astronomical symbols. Moon perhaps is the lone surviving symbol that bravely stands up to his avowal of giving an astronomical feeling of the past; a faithful recognition of his style of yore.